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Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #2 (Duel vq3) written by cYmoZz, 2009-02-16 12:16 CET (0 comments)

New Tourney Page: http://q3revoluzzerS.tourney.cc [q3revoluzzers.tourney.cc]

Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #1 finished! written by cYmoZz, 2008-12-08 22:17 CET (2 comments)

After very exciting and close games Quetz wins the first Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #1 vs moonsh1ne.

1. place: Quetz
2. place: moonsh1ne
3./4. place: psyrex, hypno

Group Stage [q3revoluzzer.tourney.cc]
Brackets [q3revoluzzer.tourney.cc]

Demos of Final [esreality.com]

I want to thank all participants and especially the people who helped me out with servers and various other things.

CYA at the next Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup! :)

Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #1 (Duel vq3) written by cYmoZz, 2008-12-02 12:35 CET (2 comments)

Welcome to the first Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup! :)

I am organizing this cup to make more players familiar with maps that aren't played in the usual tournaments.
If you sign up, don't forget to check in shortly before the tournament starts.

For each round until the semi finals, maps are forced, which means, players can not choose maps themselves, but have to play the maps that are given for the specific round.

Every player has to record demos of his matches and send them to the admins if requested.

Every player has to idle in the irc channel: #q3revoluzzers

This cup is mostly for the European community, players outside of Europe can participate if they are willing to play on European servers.

GTV: games1.olympus.ru:27970

megadm4-09 [haukerehfeld.de] <-- new version! screen [img89.imageshack.us]
pukka3tourney2 [esreality.com] screen [img115.imageshack.us]
pukka3tourney5 [lvlworld.com] screen [img115.imageshack.us]
cpm29 [challenge-tv.com] screen [img393.imageshack.us]
cht3 [ingame.ingame.de] screen [img115.imageshack.us]

14:45 - 15:00: CHECKIN
15:00 1. Round: 1.cht3 2.megadm4-09 decider: pukka3tourney2
16:15 2. Round: 1.pukka3tourney2 2.pukka3tourney5 decider:cpm29
17:30 3. Round: 1.cpm29 2.megadm4-09 3.pukka3tourney5
Single Elemination:
18:30 QuarterFinals: maps are chosen by elimination (ESWC style)
20:00 SemiFinals: maps are chosen by elimination (ESWC style)
Tomorrow Final: maps are chosen by elimination (ESWC style)

Germany: pw: q3cup pw: keksfabrik pw: keksfabrik pw: yeah pw: senpai
and every other calitec server




Gameplay: VQ3
Mode: VQ3DM
Time limit: 15 minutes
Frag limit: none
Forced re-spawn: 5 seconds
Overtime: 2 minutes
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